County Cups

Hertfordshire FA offers a Variety of Competitions, Including Adult, Youth, Mini Soccer, Male and Female.

We will be running 23 County Cups for season 2014/15, with a variety of formats for youth competitions. We have a great success  with our competitions from the start right through to the finish, and take great pride in our Cup Finals, which take place at the County Ground, Letchworth.

Male Adult Saturday Competitions:

Senior Cup – Football League Clubs, plus Non League Clubs at Steps 1-5

Senior Centenary Trophy – Step 6 and 7

Intermediate Cup – Reserve team of a club playing in the Senior Cup and Senior Trophy

Junior Cup – Reserve team of a club playing in the Intermediate

Charity Shield – Invitation Only

Charity Cup – Invitation Only

Male Adult Sunday Competitions:

Sunday Senior Cup – Clubs in Top Division of their League

Sunday Intermediate Cup – Clubs in Second and Third Division of Their League

Sunday Junior Cup- Clubs in all other Divisions

Veterans Cup –Players must have reached 40 years on September 1, however competing team shall be allowed to play 4 players who are over the age of 35 as of September 1 in any one match.

Female Adult Competition, sponsored by Cameo Kitchens:

Women’s Cup – Open Age 16+

Youth Female Competitions, sponsored by Cameo Kitchens 

U12 (9v9), U13 (9v9), U14 (11v11), U15 (11v11)

Youth Male Competitions:

U11 (9v9), U12 (9v9), U13 (11v11), U14 (11v11), U15 (11v11), U16 (11v1), U18 (11v11)

Mini Soccer – Mixed

U10 Mini Soccer (7v7)

We have now introduced an Online Match Report form and Referee Report form.  These can be found under the Cups section on our website. We now no longer accept emailed copies, faxed copied or hard copies of the forms. We have introduced the online form, which you submit through the internet, to save money and time. We selected some clubs and referees at random to trial the forms, and have received very positive feedback. This is much more efficient for both clubs and referees.

If you require any further information, please contact our Competitions Officer Linda Ennis or 01462 650201

County Cup rules

Open Age County Competition rules   Youth County Competition rules

 Statement of receipt and expenditure

Senior Challenge Cup Senior Centenary Trophy
 Charity Cup Charity Shield 

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