Reporting Incidents

Hertfordshire FA is committed to providing a safe environment for anyone who wishes to play, coach, officiate, administer, support or be involved in any role within football in Hertfordshire.

Hertfordshire FA encourages the reporting of incidents from anyone who was at a game and has seen something that they feel the County FA needs to be aware of. Your report is important to us and with your support we can ensure that incidents are dealt with appropriately.

If there is an incident that you feel you need to report to us, we need you to complete the club report form, in as much detail as possible. You need to outline exactly what happened on the day and the incident in which you are bringing to our attention.

Writing a Report

Compiling an accurate and detailed report can be a challenge. To assist with this process, we have attached a guidance note to writing a report. This document lists the types of information that is required within the statement.

Alternatively, you can make contact with the Discipline Department using the details below for support when submitting discipline.


T: 01462 677622

1. Club Report Form

2. Guidance Note Document

Tackling Discrimination

The FA and Hertfordshire FA are determined to provide an inclusive football experience for anyone who wishes to play, coach, officiate, administer, support or be involved in any role in English football. An experience that is reflective of our diverse communities, safe for all and free from abuse and discrimination.

As part of The FA's commitment to deliver English Football's Inclusion and Anti-Discrimination plan, we have enhanced the way in which discriminatory cases are heard at grassroots level.

County FA's are responsible for all cases arising from Steps 5 and below and the details of these cases will also be reported centrally to The FA. Investigations will be managed by the relevant County FA (if the case has not already been escalated to The FA), and where appropriate, charges will be raised upon completion of a thorough investigation.

The FA has also established a diverse independent central Chairman’s panel for those who will be selected to chair grassroots discrimination cases - This panel which was chosen for its skills, knowledge and experience, has undertaken the same mandatory training that The FA requires for all its Commission members. 

Every County FA is also establishing a local football anti-discrimination football panel. Commissions will be made up of a Chairperson from the central panel, a member of the local football anti-discrimination panel and a County FA Council member.

Sanctions for Aggravated Breaches

Discriminatory behaviour is unacceptable and there is a mandatory minimum 5 match suspension and education programme for those found guilty of an "Aggravated Breach" of FA Rule E3.

Read a breakdown of the FA Rule E3 here.

How do I report?

We recognise that there is under-reporting of incidents of racism and discrimination in the game and we encourage those who feel that they have been discriminated against to report their concerns.

We hope that the changes outlined above will help increase confidence in reporting any cases as well as discrimination cases.

Whilst we do not issue charges in all cases we do sometimes use this evidence when we receive further reports about a club or individual as well as reminding clubs of their responsibilities.

For more information, please contact the below Hertfordshire FA team members:

Investigations Manager: | 01462 650203

Raising Standards Officer: | 01462 650215 

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