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Please be aware that a number of our staff are currently on furlough leave and therefore cannot be contacted at this time

For further information please see our Coronavirus Operations Update

Karl Lingham - Hertfordshire FA County Development Manager/Joint Acting CEO

Karl Lingham

Chief Executive Officer and Senior Safeguarding Lead

My role is to lead the Hertfordshire FA team to ensure an effective and efficient service to everyone involved in football across the county. I work closely with the Board of Directors to shape the strategic direction and priorities of the Association.

Email: karl.lingham@hertfordshirefa.com

Phone: 01462 650206

Football Development Team

Steve Maker - Hertfordshire FA Football Development Officer

Steve Maker

Head of Football Development and Investment

I manage the football development team to implement the Hertfordshire specific version of the National Game Strategy and lead on facility and investment matters working closely with colleagues at the Football Foundation.

Email: steve.maker@hertfordshirefa.com

Phone: 01462 650217 / 07944 461476

Danielle Evans - Hertfordshire FA Coach Developement Offcier

Danielle Evans

Coach Development Officer

I support the development of coaches across the county of Hertfordshire and within our affiliate clubs, through our annual programme of coaching courses. If you are wishing to start or continue coaching football across the county and need some support or guidance then please get in touch.

Email: danielle.evans@hertfordshirefa.com

Phone: 01462 650208 / 07814 615358

Matt Reynolds

Matthew Reynolds

Coach and Referee Education Administrator

I support both Danielle and Phil in my role to organise and administer Coach and Referee Education courses across the county. If you need any help before, during or after your education course with Hertfordshire FA, please get in touch.

Email: matthew.reynolds@hertfordshirefa.com

Phone: 01462 650219

Phil Sharp - Hertfordshire FA Referee Development Officer

Phil Sharp

Referee Development Officer

My role covers many aspects of refereeing in the County. While mainly focused on recruitment and retention, this also includes using my experience to support the development of referees and to help ensure they have an enjoyable experience as a match official.

Email: phil.sharp@hertfordshirefa.com

Phone: 01462 650220

Richard Drake - Hertfordshire FA Designated Safeguarding Officer

Richard Drake

Designated Safeguarding Officer

My role covers all aspects of safeguarding and welfare in football across Hertfordshire. As the County Safeguarding Lead you can contact me for advice and guidance on safeguarding matters, including criminal records checks.

Email: richard.drake@hertfordshirefa.com

Phone: 01462 650215 / 07538 990836

Kieran Fox - Hertfordshire FA Football Development Officer

Kieran Fox

Football Development Officer

In my role as Football Development Officer I support the delivery of football development by working with local authorities, facilities, and local and professional clubs to increase and sustain playing participation and raise standards across the whole game.

Email: kieran.fox@hertfordshirefa.com

Phone: 01462 650223 / 07516 422181

Hannah Bingham

Hannah Bingham

Football Development Officer 

I focus on the support, development and provision of disability football throughout the county, ensuring players, coaches, referees and volunteers, who may be considered to have a disability, have sufficient access and involvement in football.

Email: hannah.bingham@hertfordshirefa.com

Phone: 01462 650210 / 07789 912990

Beth Dawes - Hertfordshire FA Football Development Officer

Beth Dawes

Football Development Officer

In my role I work closely with clubs, leagues, players and key partners to support them with all areas of football development so that there are opportunities for all to be involved with the game. 

Beth is currently on Maternity Leave

Gemma Smith - Hertfordshire FA Football Services Administrator

Gemma Smith

Football Development Officer (Maternity Cover)

I am covering Beth's role while she is on maternity leave, working with clubs, leagues, players and key partners to support football development and help ensure are opportunities for all to be involved with the game.

Email: gemma.smith@hertfordshirefa.com

Phone: 01462 650211 / 07515 444896

Operations Team

Rob Smith

Rob Smith

Head of Commercial and Operations

I lead a team that focus on customer excellence, facility management, strategic planning, administration, HR, marketing, communications and events. Our aim is to ensure our stakeholders are provided with excellent customer service at all the key touch points on their journey. My focus will be on the pitch and Community Football Centre (CFC), working with the CFC Managers, as well as supporting the Board and Council/Corporate Governance. As football activity resumes on site I am also the designated Covid Officer, working to ensure our facility is as safe as possible for all of our users.

Email: rob.smith@hertfordshirefa.com

Phone: 07496 988727

Marianna Okoh - Hertfordshire FA Finance Officer

Marianna Okoh

Finance Officer

I enjoy juggling the variety of financial tasks my role offers including supporting our finance director, tracking income & expenditure & ensuring our suppliers are paid on time. Please get in touch if there is anything you would like to discuss!


Phone: 01462 650212
Stuart Mugford - Hertfordshire FA Marketing and Communications Officer

Stuart Mugford

Marketing and Communications Officer
My role is to ensure Hertfordshire FA communicates effectively with stakeholders across the county. This includes responsibility for managing our website, social media, printed communications, events and press enquiries. 

Phone: 01462 650218

Ayrron Armstrong

Ayrron Armstrong

Community Football Centre Manager

My role is to manage the operation of the new Community Football Centre at the County Ground, working together with Michael to ensure that all of those using our facility have a great experience.

Email: ayrron.armstrong@hertfordshirefa.com

Phone: 07985 520232

Football Services TEam

Lauren Halsey - Hertfordshire FA Football Services Manager

Lauren Halsey

Head of Football Services

I lead the Football Services team to govern the game in Hertfordshire which includes dealing with Discipline, County Cup Competitions and League Sanctioning. My main role includes investigating serious offences that occur on and off the pitch.


Phone: 01462 650203 / 07496 988733

Joseph Karram - Hertfordshire FA Football Services Officer

Joe Karram

Football Services Officer

As the Football Services Officer for Hertfordshire FA, my key role is to support volunteers and the football workforce to use Whole Game System. I also help to govern the game in the county and ensure fair play on and off the pitch.

Email: joseph.karram@hertfordshirefa.com

Phone: 01462 650202 / 07879 623969

Paul Musgrave

Paul Musgrave

Football Services Administrator

My role covers many aspects of football services, but is mainly focussed on the delivery of our competitions. If you have an enquiry regarding County Cups in Hertfordshire please do not hesitate to get in touch.

Email: paul.musgrave@hertfordshirefa.com

Phone: 01462 650201

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