Welfare Officers

Every club in the County, that runs youth teams, must have a Club Welfare Officer that has a valid accepted Criminal Records Check (CRC), attended the FA Safeguarding Children in Football Workshop followed by the Welfare Officer Workshop.

The role of the Club Welfare Officer (CWO) is to deal with poor practice cases within their club, give advice and guidance as well as being the lead on CRC’s within the club. The will always report more serious case to the FA via the County Welfare Officer.

Concerns within your club

If you are concerned about your child or another child in your club, you would normally contact your Club Welfare Officer (CWO) in the first instance. You should be given the contact details of the CWO at the start of the season. If you do not know who your CWO is, speak to a coach in your club and ask for their details.

The CWO will normally deal with cases of poor practice and behaviour within your club.

Additional Guidance and support

CWO’s can seek additional support from the County Welfare Officer as well as accessing some of the FA guidance documents.

The County FA has also produced some FAQ’s to help CWO’s.

Criminal Records Checks (CRC)

The FA recognises the collective responsibility we share with our clubs and leagues for children and young people within football. And that's why our policy is straightforward when it comes to Criminal Record Checks (CRC). The CRC is exactly the same as what was formerly known as CRB - Criminal Records Bureau Check.

Anyone working in an eligible role, directly working with children and young people - such as managers and coaches - completes an FA CRC as part of responsible recruitment practice. This person must then be approved to work in football.

Easiest way for clubs to complete the CRC process is to register for online CRC checks. This process is cheaper, quicker and easier. The club individuals still have to meet with the CWO to verify the documents.

The FA has produced a series of video guides to help clubs with this process.

(To view the video guides please click on the images below) 

1. Online Club Registration

1. Club Registration

2. Making an Application

2. Making an Application

3. The Verification Process

3. The Verification Process

4. Checking Your Status

4. Checking the Status of Applicants

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