Council & Directors

The Hertfordshire FA is a Limited Company, with a Board of Directors responsible for its management. The Board is constituted of the Senior positions within the Association, along with representatives of each of the Association's Committees, and finally one elected member of Council.

The Hertfordshire FA also has a workforce of staff and volunteer Council Members. Council Members are elected and come from a wide variety of football backgrounds. Their role is to use their experience of grassroots football to help shape the Association's policies and delivery.

EWJ King (1981)

BM Curtis (1975)

Vice Chairman
G Phillips (1999)

Finance Director
ML Miller (1990)

M Bayliss (1976)
P Donovan (2003)
P Mallet (2000)
C Spriggins (1997)
SR Trulock (1997)
AJ Willmott (1982)

Council Members
MR Bayliss (1976)
L Bolino (1986)
J Burlison (2001)
J Chapman (2012)
RJ Cleverly (1996)
K Coniam (2003)
B Curtis (1975)
WH Dance (1981)
BC Day (1973)
BF Dearman (1993)
P Donovan (2003)
RG Dowden (1986-1991/1993)
E Dowber (1983)
D French (2004)
RL Groucott (1973)
E Hand (1964)
SH Hedley (1990)
K Hicks (2004)
JF Hockney (1993)
T Izzard (2007)
DW Jackson MBE (1976)
EWJ King (1981)
WF O’Neill (1975)
M Madell (2014)
P Mallett (2000)
ML Miller (1990)
G Phillips (1999)
M Rampley (2011)
B Spooner (2014)
C Spriggins (1997)
SR Trulock (1997)
J Turner (2012)
F Weaving (2001)
CH White (1968)
DM Willacy (1982)
G Williams (2008)
AJ Willmott (1982)
A Wilson (2007)

Representative of Council on The Football Association 
P Mallett

Communications Officer 
T Izzard

Health & Safety Officer
EWJ King

Security Officer
D French

Hertfordshire FA Schools' Representative 
DM Willacy

Hertfordshire Referees' Association Representative
M Rampley

Referees Assessors Organiser
AJ Willmott

Company Secretary
V Askew

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