League Affiliation

This page will guide you through how to affiliate your League, whether you are setting up a new league or want to affiliate an existing one.

11 v 11 Football - Affiliation

Small Sided Football - Affiliation

Affiliation is a Club or Leagues' membership of the Hertfordshire FA. All leagues should affiliate to their respective County Football Association. Affiliation acts as a quality assurance and a safety net to help protect players, teams, managers and administrators.

Small Sided Football providers that operate leagues and competitions in three counties or more should affiliate nationally to The FA.  Smaller more localised operators that run leagues in less than three counties should affiliate to the respective County FAs that they are running their competitions within.

Small Sided Football - Process

Small Sided Providers can affiliate their leagues to Hertfordshire FA through providing the following:

*All cheques made payable to “Hertfordshire Football Association Ltd”

**SSF Affiliation costs £10 per league plus £5 per slot. Due to the shortened seasons and competition cycles that occur in Small Sided Football, a small sided provider may operate a number of shortened seasons during one full 11v11 season.  Teams will frequently drop-out after a shortened season and be replaced by another team.  The small sided affiliation therefore covers not the team, but the slot that they occupy in the league and is transferrable between teams. 

All documentation should be returned to:

Post - Hertfordshire Football Association, The County Ground, Baldock Road, Letchworth Garden City, Hertfordshire, SG6 2EN.

Email – Adam.Jones@HertfordshireFA.com.

Small Sided Football - Benefits

Affiliation comes with a range of benefits. Benefits are listed below including: trained and insured referees, access to reduced rate insurance packages, discounted rates with a number of Hertfordshire FA partners and, access to support and advice from the Hertfordshire FA staff.

We are always looking to increase the benefits of being affiliated so if you've got any ideas please let us know.

1.       FA Brand

FA affiliation shows players and facilities your leagues are backed by the National Governing Body and its rules. Your league will be provided with an electronic logo to put onto website and emails to promote the fact you are FA affiliated.

2.       FA Full Time

FULL-TIME is The FA’s online league administration system. It was launched in 2003 and is available free of charge to any league affiliated to a County FA. It is used by league officials to manage the running of a league as well as generating a website for tables, results, news and statistics.

Learn more about FA Full Time here.

3.       Hertfordshire FA Support

Hertfordshire FA has a team of trained staff that supports FA affiliated football through promotion and advice.

4.       Insurance

There are two types of insurance that are predominant in football; Public Liability Insurance and Personal Accident Insurance. Hertfordshire FA has negotiated schemes with the aim of ensuring that our affiliated members receive the best possible cover for the lowest possible premium.

Learn more about insurance here.

5.       FA Registered referees

Referees perform a vital role in the game and with the growth in the popularity of football, the demand for match officials is increasing. Registered Referees officiating in unaffiliated small sided football are breaching The FA Regulations for the Registration and Control of Referees, and accordingly could be subject to FA disciplinary action.

Hertfordshire FA will help to assist to achieve 100% FA registered referees coverage in all sanctioned matches. Hertfordshire FA will only forward referees interested in Small Sided Football to FA affiliated providers.

FA affiliated small sided league providers requiring referees should contact Phil Sharp via phil.sharp@hertfordshirefa.com.

6.       Debt Recovery Scheme

One of the services that Hertfordshire FA offers its member clubs and leagues is the debt recovery scheme. Sadly every season players leave clubs without paying their debts, whilst clubs either fail to pay debts to leagues or folding owing money. The debt recovery scheme is the clubs’ and leagues’ opportunity to try to recoup the money owed. All affiliated clubs and leagues may ask us to issue a suspension against individuals that owe them money.

Learn more about the Debt Recovery Scheme here.

7.       Discipline

The implementation of the FA disciplinary process will help create a safer and more enjoyable football environment for Small Sided Football players and officials, but also importantly for the providers it can assist in retaining participants playing in their competitions.

 Learn more about Discipline here. 

8.       Respect

The FA is inviting every league in the country to sign-up to the principles of Respect and to introduce some practical steps at club level to ensure football is played in a safe, positive environment. The programme is free to join and there are resources available to support leagues to introduce Respect.

Learn more about Respect here. 

9.       Hertfordshire FA website & handbook

The Hertfordshire Football Association is a source of enquires from football players looking for places to play football. All enquiries are directed to our website which lists all affiliated football leagues across the county.

Your small sided league once affiliated will be listed on our webpage for players and teams across the county to view.

The County FA handbook is viewed by club & league officials across the county to access rules, referee contacts, league contacts & club contacts. All affiliated providers for the upcoming season will be listed in the Handbook for referees and clubs to view.

10.   Grant Aid (Non Commercial Leagues Only, Minimum 15 Teams)

The FA acknowledges that operating a league is a time consuming task for the volunteers engaged in it. It also recognises that the past ten years have seen huge strides in the development of IT-based league operations systems designed to ease the administrative burden on league officers.

In order for the leagues to make the most effective use of this league software, it is essential that they have the most up to date IT hardware to support these systems.

With this in mind, The FA offers an IT grant to all sanctioned leagues outside the National League System (Step 1-7) and the Women’s Pyramid, for the purchase of league laptops, personal computers, printers, scanners and other IT hardware. These grants are awarded on the basis of the number of teams playing in the league with a maximum grant of £1,200. 

Learn more about Grant Aid here.

Small Sided Football - FA Accreditation

Don’t settle for second place, Small Sided Football providers can apply to be an FA Accredited league.

The FA Small Sided Football Accreditation scheme is intended to reward and recognise excellence in the industry but to also assist organisations in raising standards and developing the quality of their Small Sided Football business structures.

This will not only benefit Small Sided Football organisations, but will also help to raise the quality of the football experience and provision for the customer (i.e. the grassroots football player). 

Learn more about FA Accreditation here. 

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