Poppy on a Football Pitch

Gallery: Football Remembers

The Football Community in Hertfordshire united in commemoration of Remembrance Sunday this year.

Gallery: #FootballRemembers 

In order to pay tribute to the incredible contribution made by our Armed Forces, the Football Community in Hertfordshire came together to honour the commemoration of Remembrance Sunday this year.

The stories of widespread, unofficial ceasefires across the Western Front in 1914 have been retold through generations, and remain one of the most poignant examples of humanity overcoming the most harrowing of circumstances.

More than 100 years on, football still plays a pivotal role in healing divides, building bridges between communities and bringing people together.

We've selected a number of images shared on social media over the weekend that demonstrate the respects paid by football across Hertfordshire.

To view more, please search #FootabllRemembers on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram.

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