Play Hertfordshire FA - Futsal for All
Hertfordshire FA - Futsal for All
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Hertfordshire FA - Futsal for All
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Watch the video above to learn about the sport that honed the technical skills of Ronaldinho, Pele, Figo, Fabregas, Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi!

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Futsal is the only format of small sided football that is recognised and supported by FIFA & UEFA. Futsal puts an emphasis on skilful, creative play above the physical contact that tends to be a feature of English 5-a-side.

Players are constantly placed in situations where they must receive or play whilst under pressure or in confined spaces. As a game it develops players technique, movement, tactical awareness and fitness.

What's the difference between Futsal & English 5-a-side? 



English 5-a-side

 Five players on court – rolling substitutions  Five players on court – limited substitutions
 Size 4 Ball with reduced bounce  Size 5 Ball
 Played to lines. Ball is returned to play with a ‘Kick-In’  No By or End lines – use of rebound boards. Ball constantly in play
  Minimal Contact with a 5 foul limit – penalty from 10 metres every foul after the fifth foul  Unlimited fouls
 All players permitted to enter penalty areas. Goalkeepers permitted to leave penalty area  Only Goalkeepers permitted to enter penalty areas. Goalkeepers not permitted to leave penalty area
 No restrictions on height of ball  Restrictions on height of ball
 Hockey ‘Square’ Goals (3m x 2m)  Rectangular Goals


Why should you be interested in Futsal?

Youth development - Many countries admire the technical skills young players adopt. Described as the incubator for nurturing technical skills in youth football.

Fair-play - Accumulated fouls rule discourages teams from being overly physical or disputing decisions.

Exit Routes - Being the only small sided game supported by FIFA & UEFA, there are more opportunities including UEFA Cup fixtures & international fixtures.

Enjoyment – Research indicates that individuals playing Futsal receive the ball six times more often than traditional football formats.

The FA - Benefits Of Futsal

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See Futsal for yourselves

What are the rules of Futsal?

Futsal Laws Of The Game

Futsal Laws Of The Game (Video)

Directory of Registered Hertfordshire FA Futsal Referees 

Where can I play Futsal?

Futsal Clubs - Futsal clubs are being set up over the county offering opportunities for players to get involved and learn the game. To see a list of Hertfordshire Futsal clubs go to our Futsal Club Directory.

Local Clubs - Players should check with their local grassroots clubs for opportunities to play Futsal within the club.

Futsal Leagues - Hertfordshire FA Futsal Fives offers three adult leagues and youth leagues for opportunities to play the game.

The FA National Youth Futsal Festival - The Hertfordshire Youth Futsal Festival offers an opportunity for youth teams to try Futsal in a one off festival. 2015/2016 season saw 191 teams involved. The winning team at U10, U12, U14 & U16 will progress to the National Youth Futsal Festival.

Hertfordshire FA U21 Futsal Cup - Hertfordshire FA run an U21 Futsal County Cup in January as part of the U21 County League. For more information email

The FA National Futsal League - The FA  is keen to develop Futsal and has set up several leagues and competitions. Top of the national pyramid is the FA National Futsal League offering competitive Futsal opportunities and a route to European competition.

The FA Futsal Cup - Just like The FA cup, Futsal teams of all abilities compete across the country for The FA Futsal Cup. Hertfordshire FA teams can qualify for this competition through the Hertfordshire FA Futsal Fives or HERTS6s.

Disability Futsal - Hertfordshire Senior County League run Futsal festivals for disability teams in December, January & February. For more information email

Or if you want to get a Futsal experience, you now can through The FA with The St George's Park Futsal Experience.

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