Club Workshops

A number of clubs have requested that the County FA organise a workshop for their members and parents alike to have a better understanding of what is required for a Club Referee.

The Hertfordshire FA offer two Club/League/Organisation educational workshops aimed towards Parents, Coaches and Managers in ‘Running the Line’ and ‘Refereeing a Match’, which are extremely beneficial if you have to provide these roles for games when no registered match officials are available.

We will provide the tutor and all the materials required to run the workshop and all we need from your side is to provide some optional midweek evening dates and a venue that has a high enough ceiling to raise an assistant referees flag and big enough floor space to accommodate the attendees.

An application form is required to confirm the details, please download the form here.

Club Linesman’s Workshop

  • This workshop will give you the hands on experience needed to take up the flag with confidence the next time someone shouts: "Can anyone run the line today?"
  • You will be given a basic understanding of the Offside Law
  • Correct Flag signals
  • Ball in/out play?
  • Foul Throws!

Duration: 2 hours
Numbers: minimum 15 attendees – maximum 30
Cost: £50.00 workshop fee

Club Referee Workshop

  • This workshop will be divided into two parts, starting with a basic introduction to refereeing a football match.
  • This will include: managing and controlling the game, whistle techniques, keeping a record of the game and administering cautions/dismissals and reporting misconduct.
  • The second session will assist you with running the line as a club linesman, with specifics on your involvement, flagging techniques and a guide to the offside law.

Duration: 3 Hours
Numbers: minimum 12 attendees – maximum 20
Cost: £5 per candidate

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