Referee Registrations

Referee Registration Information

Referee Registrations

Referees are required to register with the County FA in which they reside.

From May 5th 2017, referees in Hertfordshire are able to re-register for the following season and are encouraged to do this in the close season so as not to incur a £5 late fee, which will come into effect from August 1st.

Find guidance on the WGS Referee registration process HERE!

 Any referee who was registered last season (including new referees on courses from the New Year who completed all the registration criteria) should be able to access The FA’s Whole Game System (WGS) to re-register for next season now.

We urge all referees to use this system to re-register as WGS is also the new on-line process to submit misconduct reports to the County FA, rather than manually process hundreds of paper copies. WGS is accessible at any time for referees to re-register or submit their misconduct reports from games.

The County FA have already sent out the re-registration guidance notes to all referees to the email address held in your FA records. If you have not received that email please check your details on our
Member Services page, amend your details if necessary, and then email RDO - Phil Sharp for a copy of these guidance notes to be resent to you.  

The link to re-register for next season is:  

You will need your FAN number and Password to access the site. Your FAN was included in the re-registration email sent out to you or can be located in your 
Member Services account if you can’t find/remember it?

Once logged into Whole Game System

There are basically three categories of registered referee in WGS:

Officiating in Adult ‘open aged’ football only – 11v11
Officiating in any Youth Football (this could be, only youth football or both youth and adult football) 9v9 and/or 11v11 formats
Officiating in a Specialist format of Football only - Futsal, 7v7 Mini Soccer, Woman’s football only or with a Small Sided provider (pay and play)

If you only officiate in Adult football you will need a safeguarding certificate in place to register but not an up to date FA CRC certificate. Please make sure when re-registering that you tick the appropriate boxes as the system won’t allow you to re-register if it thinks you might be involved in youth football also.

This is because any referee (aged 16+) involved in youth football is also required to have a valid FA CRC certificate in place before the system will allow you access to re-register. If you are unsure if you have a valid FA CRC certificate, please visit your 
Member Services account for details.

If your FA CRC certificate has expired or you have never had one before, you will need to complete it and this can be done by visiting the 
referee CRC page on our website here. 

If you are re-registering as a 14-15 year old referee you will not require an FA CRC check until your 16th Birthday.

Referees aged 14-15 years can only officiate in Youth Football in age groups up to a minimum of one year younger than they are.

At the age of 16, a referee can then start to officiate in Adult ‘open aged’ football, if they chose?

If as an Adult ‘open age’ registered referee only, you are then asked to officiate at any youth football, it is your responsibility to then attain a valid FA CRC certificate before officiating in that format of the game.

If you are registering as a referee in a Specialist format only as listed below, you are not classified as a level 1-10 referee but should clear that level and complete the boxes in Step 2 of the WGS re-registration process which detail the Specialist categories:

• Women’s Only
• Futsal
• Mini Soccer (7v7)
• Small Sided

Complete these details and your records will then indicate you as a Specialist in only these formats of the game.

No Internet availability

If a referee has no availability to register online through the Internet directly, please download a hard copy of the Registration form here. Once the hard form has been completed, please send the form and a cheque made payable to The Hertfordshire Football Association Limited in the post to The County Ground.

Referees, who do have availability to the Internet will be encouraged to use WGS to register, to get used to the system so that when they need to use it again, for any misconduct reports they are submitted or re-registering each year, it will be easier to use.

Secondly, with the amount of paperwork registrations create each year we are trying to cut down on the amount of office admin, paper copies of these forms create.

Registering with a League

Once registered with The Hertfordshire FA, a referee can then apply to join any local leagues that are suitable for their ability. It is for the referee to make direct contact with any league that they wish to apply to. It is free but you will have to apply to them to join.

The list of current Leagues and their referee secretaries are listed in an attachment below. Leagues are instructed to use only registered referees and you will be asked for your registration number when joining them.

Registration Number

Once you have completed the six steps in WGS to re-register (step 6 being the payment page) you can see your new registration number for next season by refreshing the site and going back to the first page you were taken to after accessing the site. Click on the Referee Administration tab to your Referee Dashboard page.

Member Services account will also detail your referee registration number throughout the year if required.

Change of your personal contact details at anytime

Once registered, WGS does not allow you to re-enter the site to change any details but this can be done through Member Services. You can amend your contact details throughout the season or for renewing any certifications that are required to register you as a referee each season.

FA CRC and Safeguarding Children in Football certificates are valid for three years from the date of issue. Again, you will need your FAN number and password to access Member Services.

Non Active and Workforce Referees

There is no longer a Level 10 referee category.

The FA have changed this level to Level D for Developer, which covers Observers, Tutors, Mentors and Referee Coaches for example and if you fall within this description of roles you should still complete the registration process through WGS.

There is no fee associated to a Level D registered referee, so when you get to the payment page it should state £0.00 before you complete the process.

Anyone who is not listed as an ‘active’ level 1 – 9 referee or as a level D will have no level associated to their records and will be unable to register at present because the system only allows active referees and level D’s to register for the 2017-18 season.

Referees at University

Referees going away to University should still register with The Hertfordshire FA and can then referee anywhere in England. Although at University to study, many referees continue to officiate as a form of income.

Email Referee Development Officer (RDO), Phil Sharp and let him know where you are going. He will contact the local RDO where you are studying to assist you in establishing the right contacts when you arrive there.

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