Hertfordshire FA Referee Promotion Scheme

Referee Promotion

Want to climb the refereeing ladder?

Every referee starts out at the bottom of a ladder, looking to learn and develop their skills throughout their refereeing career.

Most are looking for promotion, some with modest targets, some perhaps even with the hope of eventually refereeing in a World Cup Final.

The Hertfordshire FA Referees' Committee wish to encourage and support all referees that apply to participate in the Referee Promotion Scheme.Referees interested in applying for promotion should contact the County Referees Assessing Organiser, Alan Wilmott either in writing or by e-mail.

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Refereeing Levels

A match official's ‘level’ is a mark of his/her achievement within refereeing.

New referees start out at level 7 and can progress all the way to level 1…and beyond.

  • Level Y - Youth Referee (qualified referees under 16 years old)
  • Level 7 - Junior County Referee
  • Level 6 –County Referee
  • Level 5 - Senior County Referee
  • Level 4 - Supply League Referee/Contributory League Assistant
  • Level 3 - Contributory League Referee/Panel League Assistant
  • Level 2 - Panel League Referee/Football League Assistant
  • Level 1 - Football League Referee
  • Select Group - FA Premier League Referee
  • FIFA List - International Referee
Referee Promotion FAQs

Yes but you must apply with Alan Willmott each new year in advance of getting your promotion

Referees who have been actively refereeing for a season after completing their course exam (and are qualified) and are aged 16 and over can apply for Promotion
Contact Alan Willmott the Promotion Scheme coordinator for an application form between January and the end of February each year
The promotion season is different from the football season and runs from March 1st each year and concludes at the end of February the following year

Referees who attain their level 4 status (or higher) are then 'looked after' by The FA themselves who will appoint you to matches and referees are required to pass a fitness test before each new season

Alan Willmott sends out a booklet with all the criteria and information required but basically all promotion candidates have to pass an FA Laws of the Game test, referee a minimum of 20 adult football matches and have a certain number of matches assessed by an FA Observer (different number for different promotion levels) and these assessments must attain the 'above standard' level to promote you to the next level.

If you are a level 5 referee and applying for level 4 status, you will be required to successfully complete an FA fitness test after 1st July each year before any matches will be assessed

Firstly apply each year to try again and secondly send copies of your assessment reports to RDO Phil Sharp to review and offer you advice to improve

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