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If we behave positively during practice and matches, our children will too

With 65,000 mini soccer and youth football teams playing week in week out across England it is important that we all play our part to ensure it is played in a fun, safe and inclusive environment.

The FA’s Respect campaign was launched in the 2008 as a response to a build-up of behavioural problems in the national game, highlighting the negative impact of poor behaviour and encouraging everyone involved to raise standards both on and off the pitch.

Following it’s success, The FA want to spread the message of Respect even further across English football. England Football’s Respect programme in partnership with Nationwide Building Society was launched to encourage respect and positivity right across our game.

‘We Only Do Positive' encourages coaches and parents within mini-soccer and youth football to bring about a better, more inclusive and supportive football environment..

The importance of positive behaviour 

We want to highlight the importance of positive behaviour towards young footballers, specifically looking at the impact parents and coaches can have. The campaign is rooted in research that provides clear evidence of why positivity was so important in the youth game.

The stand-out insight was that 9 in 10 children played better with positive encouragement, while negative experiences not only had serious adverse effects on their enjoyment of the sport, but also on a child’s footballing ability.

‘We Only Do Positive’ is a response to this research and uses a new approach to target coaches and parents around mini-soccer and youth football. It aims to educate coaches and parents on the roles they play in ensuring children have great experiences throughout their football journey.

How you can play your part

Creating the right environment, both on and off the pitch is the responsibility of everyone involved in football. Even though we all having slightly different roles within the game, it’s important that we all play our part in creating a fun, safe and inclusive environment.

To understand what is expected of you, you can download the appropriate Code of Conduct below.


Watch how the difference between positive and negative coaching can have on massive impact on our players, the environment and the game.

Gareth Southgate has made the Pledge of Positivity. Will you join him and commit to creating a better matchday experience?  

Make Your Pledge

Gareth Southgate
respect FAQs

Everyone is responsible and should play their part in creating a safe, fun and inclusive environment in which to play. No matter what your role, we can work together to make the game better for all.

This is someone who demonstrates the positive behaviours associated with Respect and encourages others to do the same. This could be someone within a club or league and is not a formal role, but is a great way for your organisation to set a good example and show its commitment to Respect.

Yes, there is a Respect equipment scheme which the FA delivers in partnership with the Football Foundation. You can find out more by visiting their website.

We love to hear about positive work being carried out for Respect -share your messages using #WeOnlyDoPositive and be sure to tag us. Please note, if you are taking pictures of children and using for social media, consent will need to be given by the child’s parent/guardian/carer.

Please contact the Designated Safeguarding Officer at Hertfordshire FA. They would be happy to hear your ideas and can provide you with some constructive feedback.

Yes, absolutely. Hertfordshire FA are happy to work with individuals/groups who want to champion Respect. Please contact the Designated Safeguarding Officer for more information.

During the game the Match Delegate will be responsible for the behaviour of all club members and spectators. Matters of a more serious nature should be reported to your Club Welfare Officer or direct to the County FA if you think there is a Safeguarding concern.

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