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Hertfordshire FA Sanctioned Leagues

Grassroots Leagues in Hertfordshire

Leagues provide organised football to players of all ages and abilities

Leagues play a vital role in the organisation of grassroots football, providing a safe and structured environment for competition that allows everyone connected with the game to enjoy participating on a regular basis.

We are proud that Hertfordshire is home to some fantastic leagues who strive continuously to grow and improve. This includes the Herts Senior County League, whose outstanding efforts were recognised when they were chosen by The FA as national winners of Grassoots League of the Year in 2020

In Hertfordshire each league is an independent organisation controlled by their member clubs. Leagues have to be sanctioned by their local County FA however, meaning we are responsible for ensuring they have appropriate rules and that they administer their competitions in accordance with them. 

We maintain a close working relationship with all league officials and volunteers, acting as a first point of contact for help and advice and identifying areas where we can provide support to help with their development.

If you are a new club looking for somwehere to play, or just want to know more about the different leagues operating in the county, further details of the leagues sanctioned by Hertfordshire FA can be found below.

Adult Saturday Leagues
Secretary: Mr Rob Djemal
Tel: 07903 603423 (m)

League Tables

League Rules

Secretary: Mr Scott Patmore
Tel: 07768 606481 (m)

League Rules

Secretary: Ron Dunning

Tel: 07910 204393

Email: rongdunning@hotmail.co.uk

League Tables

League Rules

Secretary: Mr Tony Hobbs

Tel: 07796 091516 (m)

League Rules

Adult Sunday LEagues

Secretary: Mr Dave Gill

Tel: 07881 934751 / 01442 381067

Email: davegillbsfl@live.co.uk 

League Tables

League Rules

Secretary: Mrs Mary Hickford

Tel: 01707850047 / 07795461644

Email: runcie2004@yahoo.co.uk

League Tables

League Rules

Secretary: Mr Robert Cleverly

Tel: 07966 237256 / 01462 622371

Email: bob.cleverly@ntlworld.com

League Tables

League Rules

Secretary: Mr John Boyle

Tel: 07970535005 (m)

Email: john@jboyle.co.uk

League Rules

Secretary: Mr Rodney Northwood

Tel: 07770 925882 / 01279 724514

Email: rodneynorthwood@live.co.uk

League Rules

Secretary: Mr Les Crabtree

Tel: 07946 119192 / 01582 622669 (h)

Email: lescrabtree01@gmail.com

League Rules

Secretary: Mr David Moxon

Tel: 07704 951025

Email: wsflinfo@gmail.com

League Tables

League Rules

Youth Leagues

Secretary: Mr Andy Ellis

Tel: 07530 612366

Email: andrewwwfc@gmail.com

League Tables

League Rules

Secretary: Thomas Carr

Email: gensec.hgfpl@gmail.com

League Table

League Rules

Secretary: Clifford Lovett

Tel: 07880 557502

Email: cliff.lovett@midherts.com

League Website

League Rules

Secretary: Mrs Elaine Phillips

Tel: 01763 241041 / 077756 49534

Email: grahamphillips5@sky.com

League Tables

League Rules

Secretary: Mr Robin Woolman

Tel: 01753 853607 (h)

Email: robin.woolman@btinternet.com

League Rules

Secretary: Mrs Tracy Hudson

Tel: 07961 585697

Email: secretary@wfl.me.uk

League Rules

Secretary: Mr Michael Ivory

Tel: 01442 873198 (h) / 07592501371 (m)

Email: michaelivory@btinternet.com

League Tables

League Rules

Learn about the league pyramid

The national league system

The National League System is the league structure for senior men’s football that sits directly below the Football League, League Two. It stretches from the Football Conference Premier Division at Step 1 through to County Leagues at Step 7. The Women’s Pyramid provides the league structure for the Senior Women’s game, from the Women’s Premier League at Step 1 through to County Leagues at Step 6. 

Learn more here

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