Hertfordshire FA Sunday Junior Cup Final Winners 2017 - Hexton FC

County Cup Survey

Hertfordshire FA Competitions Committee
We want your feedback on how we can continue to improve County Cup Competitions in Hertfordshire.

The Competitions Committee of the Hertfordshire Football Association is keen to deliver the best County Cup Competitions possible to clubs at all levels of football in the county. 

To try to achieve this aim, last season it issued a survey to all clubs and leagues in the county. The feedback from the survey was collated and several changes to the competitions were put in place for this season’s cup competitions.

The Competitions Committee would like to conduct another survey this season to gain additional feedback, and assess the success or otherwise of the changes implemented this year.

It is acknowledged that there were some teething troubles in trying to implement some of the changes, especially in the seeding aspect and its randomness. We apologise for any inconvenience and will address this for next season.

We've put together separate surveys for adult and youth County Cup Competitions - We hope that you will participate and help us to improve the competitions as much as possible. (it only takes 2 minutes to complete.)

Survey: Adult County Cup Competitions

Survey: Youth County Cup Competitions

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