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Learn how to report misconduct

Any reports of misconduct must be sent to Hertfordshire FA using the Club Report Form. These reports can come from anyone who witnessed the poor behaviour.

Should any club or it's members wish to pursue the allegations they will need to provide full witness statements using the club report form.

Once received, these statements will then be investigated by the Hertfordshire FA should charges be raised the statements will be provided to the alleged offender and club for their reference and review.

These reports are to be sent to the Football Services Manager Lauren Halsey.

Please note, before any potential charges are raised, Hertfordshire FA would require confirmation that should the alleged offender(s) request personal hearing (s), your witness(es) would be prepared to attend a disciplinary commission in support of his/her report and the charge.

The County FA keeps a record of incidents and works with clubs to help improve behaviour throughout the County. Without these reports we cannot monitor the behaviour of clubs.

Not all reports we receive will result in the club receiving a charge but by submitting a report it ensures that the club is properly monitored by us.

If a club is reported to us it enables us to take a number of actions whether they are charged or not.

  • Monitor club to ensure their behaviour improves
  • Offer County FA support to improve behaviour
  • Ensure that clubs receive appropriate sanctions through the discipline process
  • Send a County or league observer to watch problem teams
  • Ensure clubs are using the codes of conduct appropriately and issuing sanctions
  • Use Charter Standard as a tool to improve behaviour
  • Remove Charter Standard if behaviour does not improve
  • Refuse Charter Standard applications or delay approval for clubs with a poor discipline record
  • Refer individuals to the FA

The County FA cannot improve behaviour without the support of everyone in football.

Club Report Form

If you require any further information or the support available contact Designated Safeguarding Officer Richard Drake via email or call 01462 650215.

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