21 Days of Positivity

Kick Off the New Year with 21 Days of Positivity

The FA Respect campaign is back for 2020 and you can sign up to be part of it now

21 Days of Positivity is back and you can sign up to be part of it now

Last year The FA launched 21 Days of Positivity as part of the Respect campaign, with the aim of sharing positive hints, tips and challenges with youth coaches across the country.

In 2019 almost 4,000 coaches took part and this year we want to share even more ideas that will help you put the We Only Do Positive mantra into practice.

Coaches who sign up to 21 Days of Positivity will receive six emails covering training and matchday, with content created by coaching experts in The FA Education team.

Why 21 Days?

21 days is the time it takes to form a habit and the ideal amount of time to understand you, your club and begin to find the best methods to use for your coaching style.

For three weeks from the 20th January, there will be a mixture of information, hints, tips and suggested actions to take to strengthen your relationship within your teams and help create a long-lasting positive environment for them to continue to enjoy the game for many years to come.

This is also perfect opportunity to get parents more involved in the game, teaching them how to adapt their behaviour and help create a more positive environment on the touch line for their children.

We want everyone to get back the core reason we all play, coach and watch football - the love of the game. If this is something you feel as passionately about as we do, then sign up to take part today!


What did last year’s coaches learn?

The response from coaches about the difference the tips made to them has been brilliant. Here are a few things they said:

“I have found this has reinforced my desire to make coaching fun and reduce the pressure and stress for both me and the players.”

“We now celebrate players and their achievements. Our players aren’t influenced by score lines.”

“We get parents to play a bigger part in creating a positive environment. They’ve enjoyed being included within the sessions and it really helps the team.”“I’m now more aware about giving players space to think and play without me stepping in too much.”

“I have reconnected with my love of the game and am focused less on winning now.”

"After 21 days, getting the parents away from the attitude of let’s thrash them to let’s play good football.”

On top of that every coach that completes the full 21 days will receive one hour towards their Continued Professional Development and be entered into a draw to win a Respect pack that includes a host of physical respect branded assets for parents and coaches (for full details and T&Cs visit The FA website).

Registration is open 13 December 2019 - 17 Jan 2020. So if this is something you feel as passionately about as we do then be sure to sign up now!


Don't forget there is also the new Respect Course for Coaches that you can complete to help start the New Year off in a positive way.