Referee shows Stevenage FC player yellow card in Hertfordshire FA Women's Challenge Cup Final

Referee Promotion Success

Promotion Scheme 2018/19 - Develop your career as an official

Referees in the promotion scheme for season 2018-19 were recently informed that they had been successful in their quest for promotion and we would like to congratulate them all on their achievements and career as an official so far.

The following referees have recently been promoted:

Level 7 to 6

Neil  Angus
Stephen Edwards
Matt Francis
Thomas  Jack Frost
Kyfer  Mayhew

Level 6 to 5

Conor Browne
Lee  Browne
Andrew  Debois
Tom  Hood
Evelyn  McGregor
Marc  Rister
Richard  Wharton
Rikki  Woolford

Level 5 to 4

The following referees will be recommended to the F.A. for promotion to level 4

Christopher Flack
Jorden Gibson
Luke Gill

Last week, all referees were made aware of details of the changes made by The FA in regards to future promotion time frames. It is strongly recommend that any fully qualified referees (who has refereed for at least twelve months after attaining their FA certificate) and aged 16+ (level 7 referee) to consider going for promotion.

The referee promotion scheme requires referees to officiate in adult football to be assessed, therefore if you are 16+ and have not refereed any adult football before, consider joining an adult league and ask to act as an Assistant Referee to gain some valuable experience first before applying.

If you have all the pre-requisites to apply for promotion contact Alan Willmott – Promotions Co-ordinator at for an application form.


The closing date for the 2019-20 season is Wednesday 31st July.


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