Kitaid Update October 2018

Kit Aid

Stuck with unwanted or unused kit? Donate it to charity!

For over 20 years KitAid have been supplying donated kit across Africa

Since their launch in 1998 KitAid have received over 600,000 pieces of kit to distribute to underprivileged children, teenagers and adults to enable them to enjoy the beautiful game in some of the world’s poorest countries.

Hertfordshire FA are urging our fantastic clubs to donate any unwanted, unused or spare kit they no longer need and drop it off at our headquarters, that we can take along to the next boxing-up session, ready to find a new home!

What can you donate?

Kit Aid welcomes any type of kit, from full kits, single shirts, shorts, tracksuits, from any club! They also send out boots, trophies and spare Match Attax cards which are useful to give to kids who may not receive a shirt. 

Where to send it?

Clubs and individuals are more than welcome to drop off any (clean) unwanted kit at Hertfordshire FA Headquarters:

The County Ground, Baldock Road, Letchworth, SG6 2EN.

Find out more

Visit the KitAid website or take a look at the work they're doing across social media.