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Guidance for Ending the 2019-20 Season

Outlining the options following the Coronavirus outbreak and the suspension of football activity

Following the Coronavirus outbreak we have been working to support Hertfordshire leagues in deciding how the current season can be concluded

The Football Association announced recently that due to the COVID-19 pandemic all grassroots football is concluded for 2019/20. With most competitions yet to be completed, this raises an unprecedented situation in terms of how to draw the season to an end in a fair and transparent manner. We have put together the following guidance to help Leagues in deciding how to handle this matter in line with the relevant rules and regulations.


We realise that this is a complex situation and there is much for all involved to consider in making a decision.

Leagues in Hertfordshire are independent organisations and each will be in contact with their member clubs in due course regarding their plans. In the meantime we hope this provides all with some clarity as to a way forward.

Further support

Although football activity may currently be suspended until further notice, please be assured that we as your County FA are here to offer advice and guidance to all of our leagues and clubs during this difficult time.

Our offices may be closed but those staff that have not been furloughed are still working remotely and available to offer you support. Please do get in touch with us if you need help. You can find contact details via our Operations Update.

For those specifically concerned about the financial impact of the outbreak, we have also compiled details of the various different types of Funding for clubs affected by COVID 19.