Veo Technologies Video Analysis

New Partnership with Veo Technologies

Helping to bring their innovative video analysis solution to clubs in the County

New partnership with Veo Technologies that will help bring thier innovative video analysis solution to clubs in the County

Hertfordshire FA have entered into a mutually beneficial partnership with global technology company Veo that aims to help increase the accessibility of video analysis and improve player experience in the County.

Veo is a portable and affordable solution that helps football teams record and analyse matches and training sessions without the need for a cameraman, producing high-quality footage perfect for tactical analysis and individual development.

Through a dual 4K lens camera and AI technology the camera and software is able to capture the entire pitch whilst also following the on field action. Through Veo’s revolutionary cloud platform the system is able automatically tag goals and track the ball.

The platform also enables the building of player profiles, tagging, analysis, draw on screen and many more features that gives coaches the opportunity to analyse their games.

The partnership with Hertfordshire FA will mean that players, coaches, clubs and fans will all be able to see the camera in action at The County Ground and understand the benefits it offers as well as being able to purchase it at a discounted rate.

Rob Smith, Head of Commercial & Operations for Hertfordshire FA commented “Hertfordshire FA is an organisation who strive to be innovative and use technology to best serve our clubs and stakeholders within the County. I am sure our partnership with Veo will help clubs across Hertfordshire to benefit from their technology and this will ultimately assist in further developing football in the County”.

Veo’s UK Market Manager, Oli Perkins said “Hertfordshire FA are home to both elite and grassroots players/coaches who are hungry for more video. I’m very happy we can bring an already strong territory of ours added benefits through this partnership”

To find out more about the Veo system and any special discounts available to Hertfordshire clubs, follow the link below.

Visit the VEO website