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Operations Update

Message from our CEO regarding the Coronavirus outbreak and its impact on our staff and business
An update on the impact of Coronavirus on our business operations from Karl Lingham, Hertfordshire FA CEO

UPDATED 11/01/2021 10:30

Dear All,

Firstly, I hope you and your families are all safe, well and keeping positive as we all continue to face the impact of this unprecedented COVID-19 pandemic. 

A further national lockdown is something I think everyone had hoped to avoid, but now that it has become necessary due to the rapidly rising number of infections, it is vital that we all pull together and do what we can to prevent the spread of the virus by following all the appropriate Government guidance.

The restrictions announced on 4th January require both the suspension of grassroots football activity and the closure of leisure facilities, which as I'm sure you will appreciate has a significant impact on our business operations. 

As a result our premises will be closed, with staff working remotely. We have also had to make the difficult decision to again place some staff on furlough leave through this time, while others will see a reduction in their normal working hours.

Details of those who are available for contact during this period can be found below:

Karl Lingham, CEO and Senior Safeguarding Lead – 07894 952570

Rob Smith, Head of Commercial and Operations – 07496 988727

Samantha Carey, Designated Safeguarding Officer – 07538 990836

Marianna Okoh, Finance Officer – 07947 884271

Steve Maker, Head of Football Investment and Development * – 07944 461476

Lauren Halsey, Head of Football Services * – 07496 988733

Joe Karram, Football Services Administration and Technology Support * – 01462 650202

Stuart Mugford, Marketing and Communications Officer * – 01462 650218

Kieran Fox, Football Development Officer * – 01462 650223

Gemma Smith, Football Development Officer * – 01462 650211

* indicates staff working reduced hours from their normal working pattern

We would therefore ask that during this time you please direct any enquiries through to one of the members of staff mentioned above or to and we will respond as swiftly as we possibly can.

While we do have robust measures in place to allow our staff to continue to operate effectively while working remotely, we appreciate your patience and understanding as we continue to adapt to these challenging circumstances.  

With the vaccine rollout underway we can hopefully begin to look forward to better times ahead, although as we have seen recently the situation is still one of great uncertanty and we remain ready to react quickly as circmstances change.

For further information regarding Coronavirus and how it affects football in Hertfordshire, visit our dedicated updates page.

Kind Regards,
Karl Lingham