Digital communications and children safeguarding guidance

Extended Safeguarding Guidance

Best practice on all aspects of communicating online during the Coronavirus pandemic

Staying safe online during COVID-19

During the coronavirus pandemic football is staying home and we are all looking at new (and what are likely to be ongoing) ways of working as we adjust to the necessary restrictions.

In some case this means new and different ways for coaches, players and parents to interact as they seek to stay in touch when it isn’t possible to meet up in person.

In light of this The FA have extended their safeguarding guidance for anyone working in football who engages online with under-18s.

The coaches guidance outlines best practice on all aspects of communicating online with under-18 players, i.e. the appropriate setting, session content and general behaviour etc.

Online Procedures for Coaches

The parents guidance focuses more on general tips on children’s online activities now and in the future – as well as expectations they should have of the club to which their child belongs.

Online Tips for Parents/Carers

We encourage all leagues and clubs to share these new guidance notes as soon as possible, so everyone can keep up to date with best-practice.

These new documents extend the existing guidance, advice, policy, procedures and regulations in place to help safeguard everyone involved in football, full details of which that can be found on The FA website.