The FA Charter Standard

The FA Charter Standard - Built to Last

Raising standards in the grassroots game by supporting the development of clubs and leagues

The FA has a clear vision to educate, empower, enable and equip leagues and clubs to ‘be the best places for people to play and enjoy football’

The FA Charter Standard programme exists to positively improve people’s football experience through league and club accreditation. The FA embarks on a journey to grow, develop and support a collaborative and sustainable club and league network which unites communities by providing opportunities FOR ALL.

It recognises and rewards leagues and clubs who own their game. Those who play their part in making their football environment safe, fun and inclusive; by raising standards, raising awareness and taking action, making accreditation worthwhile to be part of. The FA Charter Standard accreditation is built to last.

Not an FA Charter Standard Club? Become the best

The FA Charter Standard programme wants you to be the best place for your football community to play and enjoy football.  Whether you’re a league or a club it promotes your commitment and dedication and ensures you will be around for seasons to come.

Becoming accredited is a simple process supported by our dedicated County FA officers who are local experts in clubs and leagues development. As a team we ensure your ambitions are achievable with accreditation at the centre of all you do. The criteria means you commit to providing the best on-pitch environment by getting relevant people qualified. This ensures you are structured to achieve your goals and are built to last.

Due to the impact of COVID-19 on the game and our ability to deliver face to face education, we have introduced an interim criteria for the 2020/21 season. For more information please navigate to the end of this article. If you’re interested in achieving The FA Charter Standard accreditation, or just want to find out more, let’s have a conversation, please contact one of our Football Development Officers.

Already an FA Charter Standard Club? Stay the best

For the 2020/21 season we have decided to extend all FA Charter Standard accredited clubs who either renewed their accreditation as part of the 2019/20 annual health check or for those clubs who were newly accredited during the 2019/20 season.

There will be no annual health check process for the 2020/21 season. During October we will move accredited club’s renewal date forward to the 2021/22 season. We recognise the reason accredited clubs are the best places to play and enjoy the game is because of the criteria you adhere to and satisfy season on season, even raising standards where possible.

Therefore, we have introduced an interim criteria to support your clubs to make sure the relevant individuals can still educate and equip themselves to provide a safe, fun and inclusive environment for all to enjoy.

Interim FA Charter Standard Club Accreditation Criteria 2020/21

For the 2020/21 season interim requirements for The FA Charter Standard club accreditation criteria (coaching, first aid and safeguarding) have been introduced as COVID-19 has impacted on The FA’s and County FA’s ability to offer face to face education. Whilst long term plans are being made to offer alternative, sustainable delivery models it is necessary to make temporary changes. These apply for new and existing FA Charter Standard accredited clubs.

This includes details of new free online courses that support coaching, safeguarding, and first aid in football. These courses do not replace The FA Level 1, The FA Safeguarding Workshop or FA Medical qualifications, but do have a role to play in maintaining safe, fun and inclusive football during this period. 

We encourage all clubs to explore the opportunity to become FA Charter Standard accredited. We want them to qualify the relevant individuals to make the on-pitch environment a safe place and put in place the policies and documents off-pitch to make sure they are built to last. When the time comes there will be an expectation and commitment for all accredited clubs to get back to, maintain or raise the standards and requirements.

Interim Charter Standard Criteria for 2020-21

For more information about the benefits of being accredited, please visit our FA Charter Standard page.