England Euro 2020

Inspired by England? Get Involved in Grassroots!

Let’s turn England’s great run in the Euros into a lasting legacy for our communities

If you have been inspired by England’s performance in the Euros, it’s time get out there and get involved in grassroots football

England’s run to the final of the European Championships this weekend has brought the nation some much needed joy after such a challenging year and whatever the result on Sunday evening, will have inspired many to get involved in the game.

This is fantastic, not only because grassroots is where all future England stars begin their football journey, but because whether you play, coach or volunteer, being part of football has massive benefits for both you and your community.

We all know that getting outside and being physically active is good for us and our children, but there’s so much more to it than that.

Studies show that football not only improves the physical and mental health of participants, but that it also impacts other areas of their lives too, such as increasing confidence, building trust and improving educational outcomes, which benefit us all.

Value of Grassroots Football to Society

Across the country grassroots football contributes to healthcare savings of £1.6bn through disease reduction, including £525m direct savings to the NHS:

• 213,000 reduction in cases of childhood obesity
• 66,000 reduction in cases of depression and anxiety in children
• 203,000 reduction in physical and mental health disorders in adults

In addition it also provides social value of £780m through education improvement and crime reduction, which lead to better life chances for young people:

• Regular sport participation is associated with improved educational performance
• Football provides children with opportunities to build relationships and trust others
• Increased leadership, confidence and resilience improves future earnings potential
• Childhood football participation is linked to the reduction of over 1,200 juvenile crimes

This is on top of £7.7bn in direct economic value. You can find out more in this report on the Social and Economic value of Grassroots Football in England.

Get Involved and Support Your Community

If you want to have a positive impact in your local area then now’s the time to get out there and get involved. There are so many ways you can be part of grassroots football.

From taking your daughter to get their first taste of playing the game at a Weetabix Wildcats session, signing up for a coaching course so you can help inspire the next generation, volunteering behind the scenes at a local club, or training to become a referee, there is literally something for everyone.

Whether or not your efforts help uncover the next Harry Kane or Raheem Sterling it really doesn’t matter, because you will still have had a significant impact on the lives of young people, just by helping give them the opportunity to play.

And for all those already involved in grassroots football we salute you. England’s victories are your victories because in some small way we all help make them happen. Keep doing what you are doing and together we can inspire the nation.

Find out more about opportunities to play, learn and run the game and see how football is connected from grassroots to the national team on the England Football website.


England Manager Gareth Southgate on the importance of grassroots football

“We always have to remember that every player starts within a grassroots club. Even if they go to an academy really early, they’ve played some football somewhere else before. With what’s happened to us all over the last 18 months there’s the additional reminder that football isn’t just about developing elite players. Grassroots is all about the enjoyment, involvement and engagement of the next generation. When we’ve been without that I think everybody would recognise what a big hole that’s left and what a loss that’s been”