Council Recruitment

Council Representative Recruitment

Could you represent your particular area of the game and help develop football in Hertfordshire?

We are seeking individuals from across grassroots football to represent their area of the game on our Council and help develop football in Hertfordshire

Hertfordshire FA is the not-for-profit, governing body of football in the county and our goal is for everyone to have the opportunity to develop their love of the game. We work to create an environment in which football can flourish, supporting the delivery of quality provision, promoting diversity and regulating the sport for everyone to enjoy.

The Hertfordshire FA Council plays a key role alongside the Board and staff in delivering grassroots football, as well as providing direct input into specific working groups. The Council represents football in our county and members contribute by providing first-hand knowledge and experience to help to inform plans, priorities and programmes.

In recent years we have been making changes to the structure of our organisation to ensure it meets best practice standards for corporate governance and better reflects the diverse grassroots football community in Hertfordshire.

As such we currently have 12 vacancies based upon different categories of football in the County, to represent the views of that particular area of the game and assist with its development. This means we are now looking for nominations for individuals to fill the following roles:

  • 1 Club Representative for Steps1-4
  • 1 Club Representative for Steps 5-6 & Regional National Feeder Leagues
  • 1 Representative for Disabled Football
  • 1 Representative for Small Sided Football
  • 1 Representative from Girl’s football who are associated with an affiliated club
  • 1 Representative from Women’s football who are associated with an affiliated club
  • 1 Representative from any group established to reflect the views of young persons in football and where such a group is recognised and approved by Council
  • 1 Representative from any group established to improve inclusion in football and where such a group is recognised and approved by Council
  • 2 Representatives from the Community Clubs with more than 40 teams affiliated to the Association and where such a group is recognised and approved by Council
  • 1 Representative from any group established to promote the interests of managers and coaches of clubs affiliated to the County and where such a group is recognised by the Council
  • 1 Representative from any group established to represent the interests of referees in the County and where such a group is recognised by the Council

Could you represent your area of the game on our Council?

The modernisation of our structure provides an ideal opportunity for a wider range of voices to be heard. Football in Hertfordshire is played by people from many different backgrounds and we are keen to ensure that our Council better represents the diversity of football in our county so that we can continue to develop the game for all.

In particular, the rapid growth in female participation across football in recent years means that we are particularly keen for more women to be involved in our Council, giving their unique perspective on the challenges facing this specific area of the game.

Whatever background they may come from, it is vital for prospective Council Members to be dedicated supporters of local grassroots football. Their role is to add value through expert first-hand knowledge, ensuring Hertfordshire FA is connected to its products, programmes, and people and serving its participants, volunteers and coaches.

This does not mean you need to have run a club or league before, and this could be your first formal role in the game. You do however need to have significant experience of grassroots football in Hertfordshire.

Most importantly, you will care deeply about making a difference to how football is governed, regulated and developed in our county and be able to represent the views of those within the area of the game for which you are looking to be nominated.

What does the role involve?

We are conscious that many of those who are volunteers in grassroots football will already be giving up large amounts of their time to support the game. As such we want to stress that becoming a Representative member of the Hertfordshire FA Council should not be something that would take away from your ability to serve your existing commitments.

The core requirement is to attend four Council meetings a year and engage in at least one committee or working group looking at a specific area of the game you represent. Further information about the nature of the role and exactly what it entails can be downloaded below.

How does someone get nominated?

In order to be nominated for one of the Football Category roles on our Council you will first need to have the support of two clubs or other recognised football organisations from the category for who you wish to represent in Hertfordshire

As a first step we would suggest approaching them and discussing your intention to stand, your suitability for the role and if they are willing to support your nomination.

Once you have this confirmed you can complete the form below to provide us with your contact details and those of whoever has agreed to put you forward. We will of course follow up with them to ensure nominations are valid. Please be aware that nominations close on Friday 11 June 2021 and will not be accepted after this date.


In the event of there being more than one nomination in a particular category, we will hold a ballot determine which of the candidates will be elected to the Council to represent them. This process will take place in the week after nominations close and results will be confirmed by Friday 25 June 2021..

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