Hertfordshire FA Strategy 2021-2024

Strategy for Grassroots Football

We are proud to share details of our strategy for the next three seasons

We are proud to share details of our strategy for the next three seasons, supporting the recovery of the game following the impact of the COVID pandemic

Hertfordshire FA has launched an ambitious new Strategy for Grassroots Football in our county that aims to deliver The FA’s goal of a thriving game that is played in a safe, welcoming and inclusive environment.

This strategy sets out how over the next three years we will work to ensure that football in Hertfordshire will ‘Survive, Revive and Thrive’ following the pandemic and maximise the positive impact the game has on society.

It provides a clear direction for our organisation and sets out how we intend to support and develop the game for the benefit of everyone in Hertfordshire, with six key areas of focus:

  • Players
  • Positive Environment
  • Club and League Network
  • Grassroots Workforce
  • Facilities
  • Governance

In each area we set out the strategic priorities which underpin all of our activities and outline the key measures that we are striving to achieve over this period.

Following the COVID pandemic, the power of football to unite communities, build aspiration, reduce inequalities and bring joy to those involved has never been more important. Our role is to ensure these benefits are felt as widely as possible.

We hope that this strategy will provide clarity for all those that we work with, both within the game and outside of it, about what it is that we want to do, how we intend to do it and the impact that our efforts will have on our communities.

On the launch of the new strategy, Hertfordshire FA CEO Karl Lingham said:

“Over the last eighteen months we've seen what our incredible grassroots community can achieve when faced with a challenge. It's this kind of commitment and dedication, aligned with the right support, that will see the game come back stronger in the years ahead.

With this strategy we are proud to outline how we intend to play our part and look forward to working together to deliver these ambitious goals over the next three seasons”.

Hertfordshire FA Chair Graham Phillips added:

"It has been a very challenging period which has meant big adjustments for us and everyone across football. However, we believe with this strategy we are in a strong position to support our football community in recovering from the impact of the pandemic and building towards a more positive future".