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Cup Final Match Official Appointments

We have pleasure in confirming appointments to our 2022 County Cup Finals

Congratulations to all those appointed for this season’s finals

On behalf of the Hertfordshire FA Referees' Committee we have the pleasure of confirming appointments to our 2022 County Cup Finals. The Referees' Committee, which includes Hertfordshire FA Referee Appointment Officers, have met and selected the match officials as set out below.

This is a prestigious appointment for all concerned and one that we are delighted to be able to make. We are sure all will thoroughly enjoy the opportunity and occasion to officiate on the County Cup Final this season.

Appointment to a Cup Final comes as a result of their dedication, hard work and commitment to refereeing in Hertfordshire over the last 12 months. Congratulations to all those appointed to these special games and we wish you all the very best in your fixtures.

* Appointments subject to confirmation and may change

Senior Challenge Cup
Stuart Cheek, Rikki Woolford, John Duffy, Stuart Smith

Senior Centenary Trophy
Matthew Ball, Josh Dear, Paul Sangster, Billy Morgan

Women's Cup
Joanna Horwood, Lyn McGregor, Natasha Marsh, Neil Angus

Junior Cup
Conor Browne, Billy Houghton, Freddie Faulkner, Paul Mott

Sunday Senior Cup
Steve Chittenden, Neil Cooper, Tim Manning, Chad Greatorex

Sunday Junior Cup
Iwan Pritchard, Dave Ramsey, Fintan Walker, Anamul Hassan

Boys U18
Alfie Watts, Michael Ward, Ashley Norris, Phil Draper

Girls U16
Colin Ince, Robert Young, Michael Andrews, John Fearns

Boys U16
Peter Kilbane, Soames Haldanker, Pietro Russo, Richard Bullimore

Girls U15
Chloe Cousens, Tom Dalgas, Oliver Cranston, Suresh Pulandaran

Boys U15
Eric Mcneil, Salim Elkouch, Henry Orton, Paul Hennessey

Girls U14
Archie McHale, Gene Goulden, Cian Fanning, Adam Marsh

Boys U14
Ivan Raath, Freddie Welch, Alfie Mustafa, Steve Hill

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