Planet League

Planet League Cup

4th October 2022
Go green for your team! Sign up, score goals and together we can all help the planet

Britain’s biggest climate action football campaign is about to kick off, giving you the chance to show your support for your favourite team and help the planet

Hertfordshire FA have partnered with Planet League, who use football to promote climate action in a fun and competitive way.

The Planet League Cup is the unique five-week sustainability tournament where football fans score goals by completing green activities like having a meat-free meal, using the car less or filling up reusable bottles with tap water.

When we all work together, lots of small changes like these can make a big difference. So any goals you score count towards the total for your chosen team and your local region, who are competing to see whose fans can take the most action.

The tournament kicks off on 10th October and runs for five weeks.

How does it work?

Each week focuses on a particular theme, such as energy, food or travel, and the club whose fans take the most action will win the Planet League Cup. As well as taking the glory, the fan who scores the most goals will win a holiday in the UK.

Football fans taking part in the Planet League Cup will have dozens of environmentally friendly actions to choose from to score goals. From making the best of your food before it's too late, to taking cooler and shorter showers and using public transport.

The Planet League’s unique technology platform includes a virtual assistant referee (VAR) system, so actions taken by fans are proven through photographs uploaded to the website and checked. To date, over 77,000 verified actions have been taken by fans.

Sign up, score goals and help the planet

Anybody can sign up for free on the Planet League website, choosing one of 75 professional football clubs to score goals for. Our local grassroots football community will also be competing against other regions in the country, and we’re in it to win it!

There is a national league table for professional football clubs, and the more goals their fans score, the higher that club will climb the league. The same will take place for County Football Associations – but we can’t top the table without your help.

Once signed up, make sure you click the Settings tab in the top right hand corner, and add Hertfordshire FA to your account so your efforts help us too!