Rainbow Laces

Lace Up, Speak Up

Show your support for this year's Rainbow Laces Campaign

We're lacing up and speaking up to drive change all year round, together

Hertfordshire FA is proud to be a part of the 2022 Rainbow Laces campaign and urge all leagues and clubs in our area to show their support. This year the campaign will take place from Wednesday 19 October to Monday 31 October.

Wednesday 26 October will be this year’s ‘Wear Your Rainbow Laces Day’, when teams, leagues, schools, and leading sports personalities all over the word will be getting together to wear their laces with pride.

More than a million of us have laced up in support of LGBTQ+ equality in sport. But many in this community still feel unwelcome in sport, fitness, and physical activity. Because people bully, belittle, and exclude, making them feel out of place.

We hope you will show your support by engaging with the campaign throughout this period so that together, we can make football everyone’s game. As we lace up this year, start a conversation about why you are wearing Rainbow Laces.

This year’s key message is that inclusion has no off-season. 

These conversations can be with friends and family, in a club or with teammates. Stonewall’s activation pack covers some great conversation starters, alongside ideas on how to plan and execute your campaign or show your support for the campaign.

Lace Up and Show Your Support

We have a limited number of Rainbow Laces to share with our clubs. If you'd like some so you can lace up and show your support, please complete this form.

You can also find further information about the campaign by following the link below.

Rainbow Laces