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Referee Promotions Announced

Congratulations to the Hertfordshire match officials who have progressed to a higher level

We are delighted to confirm details of the referees who have achieved promotion in the second half of the 2022-23 season

Referees have been informed if they had been successful in their efforts to attain a higher level and we would like to congratulate them all on their achievement.

All of these promoted officials should be proud of their efforts, delivering consistently high standards both on and off the pitch through the season and we wish them every success for the future. We are proud that there are so many talented referees in Hertfordshire across the grassroots and professional game and it is always pleasing to see them being rewarded for their hard work and dedication with progress to the next level.

We would also like to thank everyone involved in supporting our referees in reaching this stage, including the observers who go out week in week out, to help develop referees and provide essential feedback.

If you are interested moving up to the next level you can learn more about the Progression Pathway by following the link below.


The following referees have been promoted by Hertfordshire FA:

Level 7 to Level 6

Anthony Appadoo
Damon Simmonds
Filippo Capone *
Jacob Emmanuel
James Gallagher-Bailes *
Jean Mbisa *
Kevin Rogers
Malcolm Snook *
Mark Gillard
Neil Cooper
Richard Parnell
Thomas Astley
Zach Muslin

Level 6 to Level 5

Ashley Norris *
Billy Houghton
Gerard McEvoy
Jason Dawson *
John Haynes
Matthew Rendell
Oliver Keil
Phil Hart
Stephen Meager *
Thomas Fogden

Level 4W to Level 3W

John Haynes

Following an announcement by The FA, the following Hertfordshire Referees have been promoted:

Level 5 to Level 4

Benjamin Compton
Carl Jones
Julian Davis
Kovilen Sawmynaden
Thomas Evans

Level 4 to Level 3

Kyfer Mayhew

Level 3F to Level 3E

Graham Swanton
Richard Wharton

Level 4SAR to Level 3F

Andrew Tregoning

* Promoted in the March 2023 window

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