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Danish FA Visit Hertfordshire Clubs

Delegation from the Danish Football Union visited Hertfordshire to learn about grassroots football development in England

We were pleased to welcome a delegation from the Danish governing body to undertake a study visit on the development of grassroots football in England

A group of 23 delegates from the Danish Football Union recently visited Hertfordshire as part of a wider trip to England aimed at sharing best practice around the development of the grassroots game in the two countries.

Having spent the previous evening at Wembley meeting with The FA to learn about the club development strategy from a national perspective, the visit allowed them to see first hand how that translates in practice at a local level.

While they were with us we discussed the structure of the club network in the county, how we work to implement the FA strategy, the challenges faced in grassroots football and highlighted some of the great work Hertfordshire clubs are doing.

We were thankful to St Albans City Youth, Hemel Hempstead Youth and Hemel Hempstead Town for hosting us through the day and showcasing many of the different strengths of the grassroots game in our area.

As part of the visit, the visitors also shared information with us regarding the support clubs receive in Denmark, how they operate as an organisation to support club development and explored the points of similarity and difference with us.

Following the visit Karl Lingham (CEO) said:

“We were delighted to have the opportunity to shine a light on some of the great work being done by our incredible grassroots football community, as well as the chance to engage with and learn from our Danish counterparts.

There is never just one right way to do things and we can all improve by understanding and absorbing the best parts of different approaches, so it was fascinating for both sides to get an insight into another football culture.

“We thank The FA and DBU for working with us to make the arrangements and also thank St Albans City Youth, Hemel Hempstead Town Youth and Hemel Hempstead Town for their hospitality and engagement throughout the visit”.

Communication will continue between the football authorities of the two nations and we hope to welcome our Danish friends back again in the future, along with any other national federations who wish to share best practice to improve the game.

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