Hertfordshire Women's Walking Football League

New Hertfordshire Women's Walking Football League

Providing competitive football for Women over the age of 40 across the county

This weekend sees the launch of a new Women’s Walking Football League based at Cheshunt FC

Providing competitive football for Women over the age of 40, the league will host teams from all over Hertfordshire and surrounding counties once a month, with its first series of fixtures taking place between March and July.

Speaking to the League’s Committee ahead of the launch, they set out their goals in starting the league and the benefits it would offer those taking part:

“We wanted to provide a venue in Hertfordshire where as many ladies as possible could come together and play competitively. Our core values are to have a league playing to the rules and reflecting the ethos of Walking Football, a game designed to improve both mental and physical health in a friendly and fun environment.

It brings with it camaraderie, competition, learning new skills in a supportive setting and improving physical and mental well-being. It goes beyond playing football with social aspects of being part of a group engaging off the pitch at organised events and the connections made amongst a demographic that can feel isolated at times.”

Gemma Smith, Football Development Officer at Hertfordshire FA says the new league will provide more opportunities for older women to play:

“The beauty of walking football is that it's played at a gentler pace making it more inclusive. It's a brilliant sport for women who would like to continue playing football as they get older, as well as for those venturing into the game for the first time.

Across the county we have some brilliant recreational, turn up and play type sessions, but with this new league we now have an offer locally for teams who want to take it to the next level and play in organised regular competitive matches. We are delighted to have worked with the organisers to get this league sanctioned by Hertfordshire FA.

Having played walking football myself since retiring from 11v11 last season, I can honestly say, not only is it enjoyable and great for my fitness, but it is also really skilful and challenging in a different way and something I would highly recommend.”

Jonathon Sands, Chairman of both Cheshunt Walking Football Club and the new Herts Women’s Walking Football League, has seen the format go from strength to strength:

"From starting sessions at Laura Trott Leisure Centre in 2015 to moving to the excellent facilities at Cheshunt FC, Walking Football has seen exceptional growth locally.

We have continued to build a strong community club where members can play socially and competitively, meeting new people. We have a range of older age groups of both genders competing in leagues and competitions nationwide including friendly tournaments.

The new Hertfordshire League for women will continue to drive the interest and passion in Walking Football and I'm very proud to be a part of it."

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For more details about the Herts Women’s Walking Football League, you can visit their website by following the link below.

Herts WWFL Website