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Opportunities for players of all ages and abilities


There are now more opportunities than ever to play the game in Hertfordshire!

Hertfordshire FA believe in flexible, inclusive and accessible playing opportunities for everyone, and are committed to delivering a range of opportunities for players with a disability to access football at various levels across the county.

From grassroots to the elite game, learn how you can take part in disability football.



Pan Disability Opportunities

A large number of the disability football provisions across Hertfordshire are pan disability. Pan disability opportunities allow players across a range of disabilities to play together in an inclusive environment that supports the needs of each individual.


Herts Senior County League (HSCL) - Inclusive Division

The HSCL Inclusive Division is a pan disability league for teams in Hertfordshire to compete in monthly fixtures. Teams take part in a match day once a month on the second Sunday of each month. The season runs from October through to April with 4 small-sided outdoor football fixtures and 3 indoor futsal fixtures played during the winter months.

The league currently consists of 3 divisions allowing for teams of a range of abilities to play competitively across the county.

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Herts Youth Inclusive Football

Herts Youth Inclusive Football (HYIF) aims to create opportunities for youth players of all abilities to get involved in football. It supports inclusive teams in providing opportunities that are right for them. The provisions currently available in Hertfordshire are loosely divided into the following categories:

• Recreational centres: groups train weekly/biweekly in a ‘turn up and play’ format. Players are not committed to a team but can attend as and when they feel comfortable until they build the confidence to progress to a recreational team

• Recreational teams: teams that train weekly/biweekly, attend occasional festivals, and take part in friendly fixtures

• Competitive teams: teams that train weekly/biweekly and compete in the Herts Youth Inclusive League

Herts Youth Inclusive continues to expand its provisions and develop football for youth players across the county ensuring that every player who wants to play, can play. The group were awarded the 2018 Herts FA Community Project of the Year Award for their efforts - a big well done to them!

The league currently consists of 3 divisions allowing for teams of a range of abilities to play competitively across the county.

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Herts Youth Inclusive Football League

The Herts Youth Inclusive League (HYIL) is a pan disability league for teams in Hertfordshire to compete in monthly fixtures across 3 age bandings: Under 12s, Under 16s and Under 20s. The season runs from September through to July with 2 fun day festivals held at the middle and the end of the season.



Impairment-Specific Opportunities

Hertfordshire FA is working to support local groups with impairment-specific provision across the county. There are now opportunities for players with cerebral palsy and deaf players to play on a team exclusive to their impairment in Hertfordshire.

With the presence of one of England’s regional talent hubs in the county, hosted by Watford FC CSE Trust, there has never been a better time for players in Hertfordshire to be involved in the disability game. Hertfordshire FA will host an annual Talent ID Day to support the identification and signposting of talented disability players with specific impairments from mainstream, pan or impairment-specific football.

FA Disability Pathway

Get in Touch

For more information on disability football in Hertfordshire please contact Kieran Fox, Football Development Officer

By Phone:

01462 677622
(Monday to Friday 9am - 5pm)

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Disability Football
Working Together

Our Partners

Hertfordshire FA is committed to supporting the development and growth of football For All. We work in partnership with a number of groups and organisations to enhance the delivery of disability football across Hertfordshire:

Herts Disability Sports Foundation

Herts Sports Partnership

Watford FC CSE Trust

Stevenage FC Foundation

• Local Accredited Clubs and Leagues

• Local Support Groups, Charities and Day Centres

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