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Referee Awards

For Long Service to Football

The FA national awards for continuous service to refereeing

Hertfordshire FA recognises the valuable service that referees, and those involved in supporting them, perform in our national game

Active referees, observers, instructors, mentors and anyone else involved in refereeing can be nominated, no matter which county they have served in, or in which role, as long as it is continuous service.

There are three awards for the following periods of continuous service:

  • 25 Years - certificate
  • 40 Years - certificate
  • 50 Years - certificate and a personalised medal

You can download the nomination form and send it to us at Hertfordshire FA by post or by email

Download Application Form

Once the application is submitted to Hertfordshire FA, the application is forwarded to The FA for processing and for consideration and approval by the Head of the National Game. The certificate is then sent to Hertfordshire FA to present at an appropriate event.

Football Referee
The application requires as much detail as possible including contact details, where and when they commenced refereeing, the number of years of service the applicant has given, and any promotions received

Answers to your frequently asked questions

Referee Long Service Award FAQs
No, you can nominate yourself, especially as the application requires full details about your refereeing history/achievements.
No, complete the application form with as much detail as possible and send it in for processing
Yes, all the awards are for continuous service no matter which County FA you have been officiating in

You can have it presented at The Hertfordshire FA AGM or at another occasion suitable to you

Yes, that makes a total of 40 years service. As long as it was continuous service with no breaks you can apply for the total amount of years service involved in refereeing.

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