Hertfordshire FA Referee Promotion Scheme

Referee Promotion

Climbing the refereeing ladder in Hertfordshire

Want to progress on the grassroots referee pathway?

Opportunities are available to referees to enter the promotion scheme in order to progress to the next level of the game and beyond.

FA Regulation

Referees must apply for promotion in writing to their Parent Association should they wish to be considered for promotion. The Parent Association may charge promotion candidates an administration fee (the sum to be determined from time to time by The Association); the administration fee will be refunded to a candidate who completes the promotion process, regardless of whether or not they are promoted.

All selections must be made as part of a quarterly review process taking place on 31st October, 31st December, 28th February, 31st May each year.

To be apply for promotion on your current level please can in touch with your FAN, name, and date of birth by writing to referees@hertfordshirefa.com.

All promotion candidates will receive a FA Competition nomination.

Level 5 to 4 Nomination Criteria

  • Be a Level 5 Referee as at the 30th April in the applied season
  • Referee a minimum of 15 open age matches
  • Complete a minimum of 10 Assistant Referee appointments
  • Successfully complete a fitness test during the period 1st June to 31st December
  • Have received 4 observations via the County FA during the period 1st August 2022 to 30th April 2023
  • Attend a Level 5 to 4 online Promotion Seminar hosted by The FA and pass a Laws of the Game Examination

Level Y1 to Y2, Y2 to 7, 7 to 6, and 6 to 5 Promotion Criteria

  • Level 6 officials must attend a Face-To-Face In Service Training 
  • Level 6 officials must referee 25 games, a minimum of 15 games in open age football to meet the requirements of the progression pathway, and complete a minimum of 5 games as an Assistant Referee
  • Level 7 officials must referee 25 games, a minimum of 10 games in open age football to meet the requirements of the progression pathway.
  • Level Youth 1 officials must referee 20 games (U14 and below)
  • Have received 2 Match Day Coaches via the County FA
  • Complete an online development module for the applied season
  • Pass a Laws of the Game examination

To incentivise those referees who achieve Y2 status, all games they referee as a Y2 will be included for consideration as a Level 7 match official. So, for example, if a Y2 referee completes 10 games in youth football as a Y2 official they would only need to complete 5 more games in youth football as a Level 7 official once they turn 16. This does not apply to an official who is a Y1 referee when they turn 16 who would need to complete the full requirement of a Level 7.

Level 4W-3W promotion criteria

  • Refereed 1 season, or 20 games as a Referee, 10 of which must be in Women’s competitions.
  • Complete a minimum of at least 3 games as an Assistant Referee
  • Have received 3 observations via the County FA
  • Pass a Laws of the Game Examination

Supporting Your Development

Russell Jones,
Observer Organiser

Email: russell.jones@hertfordshirefa.com

Russell began his journey as a Hertfordshire Referee 12 years ago and quickly started on the promotion scheme. Over the next five seasons he progressed to become a Level 3 Referee and recently specialised as an Assistant Referee, working on games in the National League, PL2 (Premier League U23’s) and WSL (Women’s Super League).

Having benefitted from the scheme himself and wanting to 'give something back', Russell recently took the lead on our promotion scheme. His experience passion for referee development put him in an ideal position to support those looking to progress as a Referee in our county. 

Moving up

The New Referee Progression Pathway

A new generation of referees need a new way to achieve. So ahead of the 2022-23 season, the way referees progress is changing. Watch this video to learn more about The FA's new progression pathway.


Football Referee
Referee Promotion FAQs

Yes, although you must apply in advance of getting your promotion

Referees who attain their Level 4 (Step 5 and 6) or Level 3W (Women's National) are managed by The FA

You are able to try again each year so don't be discouraged. Take note of any feedback or issues and where necessary seek guidance on how to improve

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